About ProSharp

Prosharp is the world leader in automated precision sharpening machines for skates. We developed our first machine in 1984 with the mission to make sharpening quick, simple and with perfect result every time. 36 years later we’re still all about that. This has only been possible due to our dedication to quality, from components to service, and a drive to always push the envelope when it comes to research and development.
The last 20 years we’ve also developed Prosharp Profiling®. Our flagship model, AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC, can change the profile of the blade and this helps skaters to reach their full potential. We have over 60 different profiles for skaters. We recently became partners with the biggest brand in ice hockey, Bauer, to help them develop profiles to their upcoming lines of blades. We have our development and manufacturing in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Prosharp is proud to announce a partnership with the Swedish Ice Hockey Association amongst others.